I think I’ve stolen a kitten? 

season 4

  • SPN Writers: Oh, man! You guys are gonna flip! Dean's coming back from hell and there's this angel named Castiel. He's gonna be in 4 episodes and then--
  • Fans: No.
  • SPN Writers: No?
  • Fans: No. More angel.
  • SPN Writers: You want more of the angel?
  • Fans: Yes.
  • SPN Writers: How much more?
  • Fans: Five.
  • SPN Writers: Five episodes? We can do that. Yeah, we'll--
  • Fans: No. Seasons. Five seasons.
  • SPN Writers:
  • Fans:
  • SPN Writers:
  • Fans: Plus forever.


FRIENDLY REMINDER that September 18th is here AKA the day Dean officially met Cas for the first time and planets stopped turning and sparks were LITERALLY flying